Радуга Звуков

Group of the companies ISTOK-AUDIO

Quality in all we do!

"Istok-Audio" is a leading company in Russia producing hearing instruments and rehabilitation equipment of the world quality.

"Istok-Audio" is the largest manufacturer of personal rehabilitation devices  for hearing impaired and deaf people, sound amplifying equipment for special facilities and rehabilitation devices for professional and everyday adaptation of hearing impaired people.

"Istok-Audio" is the hearing aids distributor of world's leading manufacturers - Oticon, ReSound, Phonak, Siemens, Bernafon, and the exclusive supplier of cochlear implants manufactured by Cochlear (Australia).  "Istok-Audio" supplies audiological equipment of Interacouctics and GN Otometrics companies, and provides a full warranty and after sales service of all products supplied.

радуга звуковThe group of companies is the organizer and investor of the network of such audiological Centers as Center of Good Hearing "Raduga Zvukov" and the regional medical center "AudioMed", in which the whole complex of services in fitting and attendance of clients is provided. A high level of services in the center is focused on individual approach to every client.

Based on the principle of "Quality in everything we do", a group of companies "Istok-Audio" has provided recognition in Russia and at the international level, as well as strong demand for supplied products and services.


"Istok Audio" was founded in 1993. "Istok-Audio" is a leading company in Russia producing hearing instruments and rehabilitation equipment of the world quality. The group of companies “Istok-Audio” includes three companies:

Исток Аудио Интернэшнл“ISTOK AUDIO INTERNATIONAL” produces hearing aids and hearing rehabilitation equipment. The company has a wide range of hearing aids: analog and digital, trimmer and programmable, in-the-ear and BTE. Priority area of research and innovation activities is to develop and market high quality domestic hearing aids and rehabilitation equipment for people with hearing impairments.

Исток Аудио Трейдинг“ISTOK AUDIO TRADING” is focused on the wholesale and retail sales, as well as realization and promotion of "Istok-Audio" products in all regions of Russia. The leading domestic supplier of hearing aids and rehabilitation equipment of Russian and foreign production takes an integrated approach to creating accessible environments for people with impaired hearing by modern technical rehabilitation devices.

Исток Аудио“ISTOK AUDIO” is the official exclusive distributor of the Cochlear Company in Russian Federation. Cochlear is a worldwide leader in cochlear implant industry and has more than 30 years experience in implantable hearing solutions. Istok Audio provides its products and accessories shipments, service, marketing and technical support of Cochlear Company in the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan.


Phone/fax: (495) 745-15-70
E-mail:  info@istok-audio.com