"Istok-Audio" is the largest manufacturer of personal rehabilitation devices  for hearing impaired and deaf people, sound amplifying equipment for special facilities and rehabilitation devices for professional and everyday adaptation of hearing impaired people.

About the company

The Istok-Audio company was created in 1994 with a mission of supplying hearing-impaired people with up-to-date technical rehabilitation solutions in order to improve their quality of life. For more than 17 years of work the enterprise has moved to the international level and accumulated unrivalled experience in hearing aid and surdo-acoustic equipment production.

Today Istok-Audio is the leader in Russia hearing rehabilitation industry that meets the highest quality standards. The constant innovative technology implementation, the creation of new products, the strong team of experts and flexible marketing strategy enable the company to develop the Russian hearing aid and surdo-acoustic market in different directions, implementing the comprehensive approach to the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired and deaf people.

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