"Istok-Audio" is the largest manufacturer of personal rehabilitation devices  for hearing impaired and deaf people, sound amplifying equipment for special facilities and rehabilitation devices for professional and everyday adaptation of hearing impaired people.

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Hearing aids Bagira
Digital hearing aids with automatic adaptive program, which identifies the strategy of signal processing depending on ambient environment. BAGIRA hearing aids series include 4 models for compensation the hearing loss from maderate till profounf.

The real digital quality of sound is produced by 8-channel WDRC compression, 128-band noise reduction, antiphased feedback suppression, system of directional microphones.

12-band equalizer allows to change the amplification in each of the bands in frequency range on value up to 24 DB with step in 1 DB.

Hearing aids Bagira Hearing aids BagiraHearing aids BagiraHearing aids Bagira
Specifications (IEC-7(2cc))Bagira S
Bagira MBagira PBagira SP
Max SSPL 90, dB 121130135140
Max acoustic gain, dB 55657080

Key specifications:

  • Automatic adaptive program with function of environment analysis
  • 8-channel digital signal processing
  • 4 independently adjusted acoustic programs
  • Automatic adaptive system of directional microphones
  • Adaptive antiphased feedback suppression
  • Adaptive 4-level noise suppression in 128 frequency bands
  • System of noise generators for tinnitus therapy
  • Autotelephone function
  • Compression of wide dynamic range (WDRC)
  • 16-band equalizer
  • Broadband adaptive AGCO
  • Double compression (fast and slow) in each frequency channel
  • System of microphone noise and environmental noise of low input level reduction in each frequency channel
  • Choosing the rule of amplification calculation
  • Special rule of amplification calculation for kids DSL v.5
  • Well-known in Russia tuning program “SANTA”
  • Diary of the Hearing Aid program
  • Bass Boost Function ( additional amplification in low frequencies)*
  • Function of keeping the hearing ability while the batteries are low

Specific characteristics of BAGIRA hearing aid:

  • Programmed volume control with adjustable range
  • Smooth switching between the programs
  • Programmed multitone sound indication of program switching
  • Programmed multitone indication of low batteries
  • Telephone coil
  • FM-comparability, audio input.

* Bagira SP

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