"Istok-Audio" is the largest manufacturer of personal rehabilitation devices  for hearing impaired and deaf people, sound amplifying equipment for special facilities and rehabilitation devices for professional and everyday adaptation of hearing impaired people.

Hearing aids

hearing aids istok audioIstok-Audio is Russia’s largest developer and manufacturer of analogue and digital hearing aids. The company possesses the best achievements in hearing aid industry, with the largest range of hearing aids: from cost-effective analogue to digital premium-class ones. These include Sonata, which is easy-to-use and reliable; Santa, distinguished by its flexibility and problem-free adjustment; Santa T and Santa Pro which have immense possibilities of individual adjustment; Rio and Rio D – the first Russian digital hearing aids with adaptive functions; finally, Argo – a digital hearing aid with the adaptive system of directional microphones. Istok-Audio is the distributor of leading international hearing aid manufacturers’ production including that of Oticon, Resound (Denmark), Bernafon, Phonak (Switzerland) and Siemens (Germany). The company’s clients can always select the hearing aids they need according to their own design, power, technology and financial requirements.

Social and household adaptation solutions


To make everyday life comfortable for deaf and hearing-impaired people, the company’s experts have created various technical devices represented by unique systems intended for adaptation to surrounding sounds.

Pulsar, the digital vibrating and flashing signaling device, is the unique system for informing people of different household signals. It spans all the advantages of innovative digital technologies and wireless connection and includes the Ogonek flashing indicator informing a person of different telephone and doorphone calls; telephone devices with an integrated sound amplifier; various models of clocks with flashing signals and vibration; behind-the-ear inductor offering new communication opportunities for people with impaired hearing.

Sound amplifying equipment

Sound amplifying equipment

Istok-Audio offers a wide range of sound amplifying equipment for individual and collective use. This equipment, as well as FM-devices, simplifies communication in different acoustic situations, helps to eliminate the negative influence of distance, echo and surrounding noise, provides clear and loud sounding of voice signals. The optimal combination of wired and wireless communication meets all individual hearing needs of students. The Sonet audioclass and computer audioclass systems make it possible to optimally control the learning process, to use various operating models and to hold different forms of classes.

The Sonet-PC FM system improves the outcoming signal quality therefore providing device utilization in places with high noise level, while the Solo hearing and speech training device is intended for individual speech training with a child.

Raduga Zvukov centers

центры хорошего слуха радуга звуков - слуховые аппаратыMore than 100 specialized centers in Russia and CIS countries offer a full range of services on hearing diagnostics and prosthetics: consultations on hearing disorder and its correction, hearing tests with the use of specialized equipment, selection and computer adjustment of hearing aids (taking into consideration individual hearing and way-of-life peculiarities of a patient), as well as full service maintenance of the products offered.

Audiometric equipmentAudiometric equipment

Istok-Audio offers the products of such companies as Otometrics and Interacoustics (Denmark) for complex hearing examination of children and adults: diagnostic and clinical audiometers, newborn screening systems.

The Kolibri sound reacting test system manufactured by Istok-Audio helps to conduct hearing examination of children in a free sound field.

Hearing protection chambers and booths for diagnostic cabinets ensure high levels of noise insulation, provide different configuration variants for specific research types and are compatible with all kinds of audiometers.

Cochlear implantCochlear® implants and Baha implantable hearing aids with bone conduction

Istok-Audio is the official distributor of Cochlear company (Australia) in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan supplying hearing systems and accessories, providing Cochlear product certification and registration on the territory of Russian Federation, marketing and methodic support of government programs, information sharing with the society and specialists, technical maintenance of implanting systems and complex support of rehabilitation programs for patients wearing cochlear implants.

The Raduga Zvukov journal

Радуга звуков №03 за 2011 годFor 10 years this journal has been published for audiology, hearing prosthetics and correctional pedagogy specialists as well as for a wide range of readers.

It covers the news of Russian and foreign audiology, gives information on the events happening in the world of hearing technologies, provides translated articles on the problems of people with impaired hearing, surveys of innovative hearing prosthesis technologies and the results of different research works.

Social activity

Istok-Audio carries out different kinds of social activities: organizes seminars for specialists, holds charity contests and parties for children and teenagers with impaired hearing, and participates in the largest Russian and international exhibitions and conferences.

Accessible (barrier-free) environment

создание доступной средыIstok-Audio offers a comprehensible approach to creating barrier-free environment for disabled people with the help of up-to-date technical rehabilitation solutions. The implementation of this approach creates special conditions for improving such people’s quality of life. Istok-Audio has considerably expanded its product range making it possible to implement the comprehensive approach to the problems of the disabled and therefore to make their life easier and safer.
  • Equipping of organizations and infrastructure objects with special solutions for different categories of citizens: for people with impaired hearing and sight as well as for physically challenged population groups. Wheelchair ramps, lifts for disabled people, information plates, induction systems;
  • Products for setting security systems in the houses of elderly and disabled people who can’t call out for help themselves. Alarm button, call button, sound-and-light informer, acoustic beacon;
  • Products simplifying elderly and bed patients’ care or helping them to serve themselves. Walking frames, crutches, walking-sticks and handrails, lifts for disabled people.

smartaids online storeThe Accessible Environment online store

The Accessible Environment online store is a unique project intended for helping the disabled – people with hearing, sight and locomotor system problems – in selecting the articles of prime necessity and rehabilitation solutions.

The store provides different interesting and useful devices and accessories suitable for blind, visually-impaired, deaf and hearing-impaired people as well as for elderly and handicapped people.

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