"Istok-Audio" is the largest manufacturer of personal rehabilitation devices  for hearing impaired and deaf people, sound amplifying equipment for special facilities and rehabilitation devices for professional and everyday adaptation of hearing impaired people.

Санта Про

Санта Про Т-32Santa Pro — the series of domestic digital trimmer hearing instruments.

Digital trim hearing aids combine advantages of digital technologies and indisputable benefits in fitting traditional.

Multichannel Santa Pro hearing aids are intended for hearing loss compensation from mild to severe. It's suitable both for adults and children, including people with expressed recruitment. Method of fitting and adjustment is acceptable both for professionals, who are familiar with the computer aided selection and fitting of programmable and digital hearing instruments and for those, who has only experience in application with analogue instruments.

Functions and advantages:

  • System of reduction of microphone noise end of low level environmental noise at the input;
  • Double compression (fast&slow);
  • Broad band output AGC–0 with adjustment of the knee point (threshold), attack and release time;
  • Acoustic (beep) indicator of low battery and switching over microphone/telephone modes;
  • Telecoil;
  • O-M-T switch.

Parameters (IEC-118-7(2cc)

T-02 Santa Pro

T-12 Santa Pro

T-22 Santa Pro

T-32 Santa Pro

Max SSPL 90, dB





Max acoustic gain, dB





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